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Lynx L42PSFR Grill Review

September 6, 2016 / no comments, on reviews

Lynx L42PSFR Grill Review

Let me just say this outright: I can be a nervous cook. There are times when I’m physically incapable of letting my meat and vegetables broil in their own good time, which means I check and I check and I check on their progress constantly. Well, I’m exaggerating a little, but you get the idea—I set the food to cook, I lower the hood, and before the grill could get the chance to heat the inside evenly, I raise the hood again to check on this or that, letting all that good heat go to waste in the process and basically just messing with the food’s cooking time even more. That’s in the past, though. I still have the bad cooking habit, but it doesn’t affect the quality of my cooked food as much. For this, I have my new Lynx barbecue grill to thank. And rightly so, because that’s one of the reasons I got it anyway. So with that, I wanted to do a Lynx L42PSFR grill review.

I’ve heard that basically any and all of the Lynx grills is good, but I never had the chance to see it for myself until I actually bought one. Just like all the others I’ve checked out, the Lynx L42PSFR-2-LP Propane Gas Grill is made with stainless steel and expertly welded so, as promised, there are no nasty nooks and crannies where the less-than-pleasant byproducts of grilling could accumulate. With my old grill, that made cleaning—whenever I actually got to that—a lot of bother.

In addition to the cast-brass burner’s superb (and helpful) ability to retain heat no matter how many times I attempt to let heat escape, the spaciousness of my Lynx barbecue grill is also a big plus for me. I like cooking, but I like eating even more, so the more food I could cook at any one go, the happier I’ll be. The main grilling space plus the secondary grid really carves out the cooking time, especially as, with the even distribution of heat both from the burner itself as well as those ceramic briquettes, I don’t have to worry that each won’t get cooked right.
When I first tried it out, I also went all-out twiddling with the rotisserie. It can be positioned two ways, also as promised, and the speed could be adjusted depending on the rate the specific type of meat needs to be cooked. Still haven’t figured out how I could use the rear infrared burner to my benefit—I guess that’s mainly for the fancier stuff where you need to sear the surfaces—but I’ll get there.

Most of the other extra features are also nice. It has a smoker box with a large capacity, which, in addition to adding flavor to food I’d immediately serve and eat, is also making me eager to try my hand at smoking and preserving my own meats one of these days. There are shelves and drawers that I honestly don’t have use for but are still good to have, just in case. I placed my new Lynx barbecue grill in the backyard where I already have tables.

All in all, I’m very satisfied and happy with this grill—thank goodness too, because I shelled out a lot of money for it. Not only am I finding this worth every penny, I’m also sure that I can look forward to using it for years and years to come. Hopefully by then, I could do a lot more than just basic grilling. I’m beginning to realize there’s a lot more fun to be had with cooking and eating when you have a thing of beauty like this around. Hopefully this Lynx L42PSFR grill review will help you deciding whether or not this unit is one to suit your needs. And be sure to check out all our other great grills.

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