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Breville Espresso Machine Review

September 6, 2016 / no comments, on reviews

Breville Espresso Machine Review

As a coffee lover myself, I go to great lengths in search of the best-tasting espresso. I experiment with various flavors in order to come up with the perfect morning coffee.
The Breville BES820XL Espresso Machine is created for all levels of coffee making. It caters to the novice to the most experienced barista, from manual control to programmable coffee making. I’ll try to give some idea in this Breville Espresso Machine review of the features I love about this device.

I love how this espresso machine is designed. It does look a bit bulky but its stainless steel body complements most kitchen décor. It looks classy, modern, and trendy. It’s actually my eye candy. I reach for it every morning so I place it on my countertop where I can easily find it.

If you are a latte or cappuccino lover, you will surely appreciate the frothing wand of this coffee machine. It gives the milk full texture, creating a creamy, delicious froth for your cappuccinos and lattes. Also, its hot water wand heats up easily, making it great for afternoon teas.

When it comes to tamp and grind, you have to experiment on it a bit. If you are a first-time user, you may experience your espresso to be watery and may lack some crema. The secret to that is to make sure the coffee grounds you use are fresh and grounded to bits like sand and tamped firmly. Always remember these three things to make perfect espresso all the time: Put the right amount of coffee, place enough packing pressure, and choose the right grind. Normally, I use finely ground coffee beans and fill it just below the rim. I leave about 1/8 inches of space between the coffee grounds and the filter rim. I also pack it just enough — not too hard.

It does the trick for me. I always come up with great espresso every time. I am able to make 2 full shots and the pressure indicator always reaches its optimum level scale. Whenever I remove the coffee holder, the filter is almost dry. It makes great espresso with a great layer of crema. Its frothing wand works well with milk, too. It creates a lot of foam, perfect for a morning latte or afternoon cappuccino.

This programmable espresso machine creates the right amount of coffee at just the touch of a button. You can choose from Manual Shot, Auto Shot, or Custom Shot. Its thermoblock heating system ensures that your espresso is extracted at the right temperature all the time. I personally appreciate its extra-large cup size so I can use my large mugs for that much needed morning kick-start. You can choose your desired shot size from the program button.

Its removable water tank is easy to fill since it’s filled from the front of the machine. There are four coffee lovers in our household so I usually prepare 2 cups of coffee per brewing time. We usually enjoy a cup of cappuccino any time of the day so this coffee maker comes in handy. The ¬¬¬¬frothing attachment can be easily adjusted, allowing you to position it conveniently. It makes a thick layer of froth, making your coffee creamier and tastier.

The Breville Espresso Machine comes with 15 bars of pressure for that great-tasting espresso. The minimum pressure for making good espresso is 9 bars. For intermediate level baristas, this coffee machine is most suitable.

This Breville Espresso Machine review was to show that this particular espresso machine is above average compared to other coffee machines of the same specifications. Taking into consideration the taste of the espresso it creates, the convenience of using the machine, its durability and functionality, this espresso maker is definitely worth the price. For an easy and tasty espresso at home, I highly recommend the Breville Espresso Machine or if you prefer, be sure to check out more espresso machines.

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